Marketing Consultancy in Kent – About Us

Business Tree Consultancy offers everything SMEs need for growing and maintaining a successful marketing strategy. We’re based within 20 miles of London, near Sevenoaks in Kent, and love travelling to clients to deliver on-site training. We also run group workshops in various venues across Kent and South-East London.

Why Business Tree Consultancy?

We believe that every business is like a tree that relies on its strong foundations to reach its maximum growth. Our mission is to help businesses grow and nurture their roots, equipping them with everything they need to widen their reach and attract the right clients

Our services include:


Does your business need a bit of a boost when it comes to its marketing? Whether you’re a service-based entrepreneur looking for a business mentor to give you that extra confidence in your brand, or you’re a small or medium business seeking to hone an effective marketing strategy, you can rely on Business Tree to provide the advice you need.


Do you want to achieve business success through social media? Get equipped for the world of online marketing with our interactive, hands-on social media training sessions in Kent and South-East London. For small to medium businesses, we’ll tailor the session to your unique requirements and deliver the training at your site. For individuals, you’ll benefit from a personal, one-to- one experience with free ongoing support in our VIP Business and Marketing Group.

Marketing Management

Do you wish you had more time in the day to accomplish your marketing goals? If you don’t have the time to implement a marketing strategy, why not outsource your marketing management? Within our packages, we can improve your brand awareness, increase your social media presence, generate more traffic to your website and free up your time to focus on running your business!

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About Jen Taylor – Business Tree Consultancy Founder

Jen Taylor is an online marketing expert, business consultant and cappuccino lover who empowers businesses to grow their awareness and profit.

She believes you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Jen bought her first house at 18, sailed from Barbados to Tobago in eighteen hours, and raised money for charity by jumping out of a plane and running 5k through snow and mud!

Jen knows that investing in the right marketing strategy is imperative, which is why she believes in providing one-to- one advice and training to the businesses that she works with. With decades of experience under her belt, Jen brings a wealth of knowledge and a listening ear to each new prospect. She loves watching businesses flourish and will always offer guidance if she feels it will help someone reach their goals and desires.